Reliable ECSS/CCSDS communication for your CubeSat

  • Deploy initial communication faster with less effort
  • Boost your mission with reliable CCSDS communication 
  • Achieve compatibility with ground stations providers
  • Secure your data with AES-128 encryption
  • Prioritize your data traffic

Awesome new features

CCSDS communication

Standardized proven space protocols with built-in addressing and validation capabilities.

ECSS Telemetry and Commands

Easily send periodic telemetry, report on-board events and command your satellite.


Protect your space-to-ground link with powerful AES-128 data encryption.

Hardware and OS integration

Easily integrate PUSopen® with any on-board databus and Operating System.

Data traffic prioritization

Conveniently configure priorities for varios types of telemetry and commands.


Implement additional on-board services for your mission.

Proven Space Communication Protocols and Quality


  • ECSS PUS Services

  • CCSDS Space Packet Protocol

  • CCSDS Virtual Channels

  • Channel Encoding

  • AES-128 Encryption

Process & Quality

We'll help you to get through the space software qualification. Developed to the industry-level standards and process.

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Software Quality Assurance

Videos and Examples

Integrate PUSopen® into your mission in a matter of hours. Explore the library of video tutorials and code examples.

Explore Examples and Documentation

PUSopen Resources

Platforms and APIs

PUSopen® is OS-independent. Let us know if your mission requires special platform or language support.

Start for free

Start with free evaluation of PUSopen®. Try to integrate it into your mission and let us know.

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