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Providing reliable and secure data handling software.


ECSS and CCSDS compliant software communication stack for small satellites market. Deliver standardized reliable communication faster with less effort.

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At the core of our products is simplicity. Our products are small but developed to the industry-recognized standards and best practices. We pride ourselves on doing everything reasonably possible to make rock-solid reliable software for your mission.

PUSopen®, the data handling solution based on established ECSS PUS and CCSDS space communication standards, is an ideal communication solution used for the small satellite market. We focus on customer’s mission requirements and adaptations of existing standards rather than following the status quo.

12G Flight Systems was founded in 2018, focusing on critical software for the aerospace and space sector. Our staff has experience working for big government and space agencies. We apply skills and techniques used by leading companies in safety-critical and mission-critical software development.


PUSopen® on IOD space mission

March 14, 2021

12G Flight Systems Sweden AB is excited to partner with Unibap AB (publ) on the first In-Orbit Demonstration of the PUSopen® ECSS/CCSDS capabilities in Q2 2021. The space mission organized by D-Orbit will see PUSopen® running with UNIBAP SpaceCloud technology.

During this mission, we will validate the robustness and functional correctness of the core PUSopen® functions: European Cooperation for Space Standardization (ECSS) Packet Utilization Services (PUS), CCSDS Space Packet Protocol, Virtual Channels, and packet encoding capabilities.

PUSopen 1.2 is released

Jan 15, 2021

This time with extended PUS services, improved robustness and test support features.

PUSopen 1.1 is released

Dec 23, 2019

Further internal optimizations and qualification documents are now ready to support your mission.

PUSopen® 1.0 released

July 1, 2019

Full release of PUSopen® is now available at our web site. We hope it will serve smallsat community well on its journey. Its improvements will continue based on users feedback. Thank you.

First successful PUSopen® flight test

Feb 11, 2019

Today PUSopen® v1.0 has successfuly passed a major flight testing milestone. PUSopen® stack has been tested on the stratospheric balloon flight with top altitude of 34200 m. Flight was organized with out partners Spacemanic, Needronix and SOSA.

12G at ESA ISD 2018, Noordwijk

Sept 13, 2018

12G has participated at ESA Industry Space Days 2018 in Noordwijk. Our team did a fantastic job presenting PUSopen® communication stack to the participating smallsat community.