How to Order

Effective data: June 04, 2019


This guide explains the process of ordering and buying electronic goods (software) from the site. The is the sales and information site of the 12G Flight Systems Sweden AB (“12G” or “we”).

This Guide is only informative. Some orders may follow different flow, depending on the user’s requirements and situation. Flow for hardware goods sold on 12G website follows different flow.

All information processed in the described order flow is covered by the 12G Privacy Policy.

The order flow contains four easy steps:

Step 1 – Initiate Order

User initiates the order flow by clicking “Buy now” button under the product description of the selected product. At this stage product order is not final and further information and user’s confirmation is required to send order to 12G.

Step 2 – Provide Information and Confirm

Once the order is initiated, user is redirected to the Order information form. To assure smooth and fast order process, user fills-in the contact and invoicing information. The Order information form is confirmed by clicking on the “Confirm Order” button, by which the user confirms its intention to buy selected product from 12G.

Each committed order is assigned an order ID number which may be used in case that user wishes to change the order or requires further information. The order ID is shown to the user after confirming the Order information form and is used in all subsequent communication.

12G makes every effort to review and process the order as soon as possible; however, we reserve up to 5 working days to review each committed order. Delays may occur during high workload period or due to additional clarification needed for the order. Although rarely happening, we may contact you in some cases to ask for additional clarification.

Step 3 – Pay

Once the order is confirmed by 12G, the user receives confirmation e-mail with the payment link. There are two payment alternatives: a) online, b) by direct bank transfer. Confirmation e-mail contains all payment information necessary to realize direct bank transfer as well as link for online payment if the user chooses this form of payment.

Online payment is realized via trusted and secure online payment provider Stripe. User may review order details during online payment.

Step 4 – Download

Once your payment has been received, we sent you a license agreement and a download link for the selected product. This step concludes the Order and delivery process of ordered electronic goods.

Do not hesitate to contact us via in case you need further information about 12G order and delivery flow.